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I remember reading almost a year ago about Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow who had an Opal card chip implanted in his hand so he could tap-on and tap-off NSW public transport without carrying a physical card.

At the time I thought it was interesting but legally interesting as while Mr Meow-Meow (yes, that’s his legal name) was still paying for his public transport he still isn’t travelling with a valid ticket (a valid ticket is an undamaged physical Opal card or single-trip Opal that has been validated, or a valid payment instrument for services which accept credit cards). Today in court Mr Meow-Meow was fined for not travelling without a valid ticket.

I still find such RFID implants quite intriguing but the only way I’d ever even consider one is if it could replace all of my public transport cards. As a regular traveller, I currently hold Opal (NSW), GoCard (QLD), Myki (Victoria), MyWay (ACT), Metrocard (Adelaide), Clipper (San Francisco), Oyster (Singapore), and a bunch of others.


Trevor Long at EFTM writes about Foxtel migrating all Cable TV customers to Satellite to free up capacity for NBN services delivered over HFC.

I’m not really surprised by this. When I moved into a brand new apartment in North Sydney at the beginning of last year and had my Foxtel service relocated I was surprised to find out that it would be delivered over Satellite despite being in an area covered by HFC.

Despite having Foxtel for most of the time since first connecting it in 1996, I cancelled my service this week. I don’t get a lot of time to watch TV these days, so I prefer to watch content on Netflix and Stan which doesn’t show advertisements for approximately 25% of the time.


Professor Stephen Hawking is widely regarded as one of the greatest minds of our time.

Professor Hawking passed away today peacefully at age 76.

Cambridge University has posted a tribute to Professor Hawking outlining some of his many achievements.

Google has announced that as of June this year they will be introducing an updated financial services policy that bans advertising for Cryptocurrencies and related content including initial coin offerings (ICOs), exchanges, wallets, and trading advice.

Facebook also banned similar advertisements in January. I certainly won’t be sad to see these advertisements go.

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