I’m Shaun Ewing. I’m a 33 year old IT professional based in Sydney, Australia.

I spend my days working with large enterprises to design and implement solutions that take advantage of cloud computing and the associated orchestration and automation systems that go with it.

Most of those solutions involve the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and I hold several certifications including AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional), AWS Certified DevOps Engineer (Professional), and AWS Certified SysOps Administrator (Associate).

There’s usually a sprinkling of Puppet for good measure. If I’m going to do something more than once then I’ll automate it.

When I’m not working or experimenting with technology some of my other passions include good food and wine, travel, aviation and a good book. I’m usually happiest when all of the above are combined.

I’m Founder and Director of Tenable Solutions where I provide consulting and other services.

I also publish Tech Traveller where I write about travel and technology.

If you want to chat feel free to get in touch. You can also find me on various social networks including Twitter and LinkedIn.